Australian Shepherd hair can be a bit of a mystery. Does it grow back? What should you do if your Australian Shepherd gets a haircut? In this blog post, we will answer all of your Australian Shepherd hair questions!

Does Australian Shepherd Hair Grow Back?

Yes, Australian Shepherd hair grows back over time. Australian Shepherds have double coats, and their undercoat is the first to regrow, typically taking a few weeks. 

How Long Does It Take To Regrow Aussies Fur?

Your Australian Shepherd’s fur will regrow slowly over the next few weeks to months depending on the initial cut length and desired end length.

Should You Shave Your Aussie?

Does Australian Shepherd HairFur Regrow - section

You should not shave your Australian Shepherd. Doing so welcomes additional health problems for your furry friend and makes them less able to regulate their heat. Many Australian Shepherd owners shave their dogs thinking it will help them stay cool. However, it actually does the reverse.

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What About Trimming Your Australian Shepherd?

Trimming can be a great idea should you want to touch up your Aussie and ensure they’re looking their best. You can use scissors or electric clippers to trim around the face, legs, and paw pads. You should avoid scissors around the anus area and instead use electric clippers with something like a #40 blade.

Popular Areas To Trim Your Australian Shepherd

Aussies are typically trimmed in the following areas:

  • Back
  • Legs
  • Around Their Ears
  • Feet & Pads
  • Chest & Stomach


Australian Shepherd hair does grow back should you shave or trim their fur. Remember, Australian shepherds should not be shaved, as it welcomes unnecessary health risks such as sunburn, and removes their ability to regulate heat or cold within their undercoat.