As winter approaches, it’s essential to start preparing your Australian Shepherd for the colder weather. The temperature is going to be dropping quicker than you think and your dog will likely need to be prepared for this in many locations. Today’s post takes a deeper look at how you can prepare for the winter season with your Australian Shepherd. Let’s dive in.

Winter (And Snow/Ice) Is Around The Corner

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For many of us, snow makes an appearance around the winter season. snow can complicate many of our everyday routines and the same can be said about Australian Shepherds. Directly, snow is not a huge deal. However, the salt and how we try to counteract ice and snow can have a negative impact on your Australian shepherd.

Salt In Paws

A common practice in dealing with snow and ice is to apply salt on the roads and sidewalks. Doing so helps drop the freezing point below the snow and ice’s temperatures, melting the ice.

But, this can cause your Australian Shepherd a considerable amount of pain if the salt gets stuck between their paws. You do not want your Aussie to experience this. Here are some solutions to consider:

Get Some (Durable) Winter Boots


Consider getting some durable winter boots for your Australian Shepherd. There are some balloon-style boots (like this pair) that I simply do not recommend as your furry friend’s nails may puncture and destroy the boots fairly quickly. Instead, consider getting a more-durable boot with a rubber bottom and strong VELCRO straps (like this pair, for example). You want your Australian shepherd to be able to walk as normally as he or she would without any boots on.

Use Paw Wax


Another option you can try is to pick up some Dog Paw Wax. Many people swear by paw wax, but I have no personal experience with it. Looking at the raving reviews, you can see over 11,000+ reviews have been submitted on the above product with a 4.5 rating. The wax is pretty affordable as well.

Consider a Winter Coat


Although optional, an Australian Shepherd winter coat may help you feel better about your furry friend’s temperature while out and about outside. Australian Shepherds have double coats, which allows them to maintain a comfortable temperature in both warm and cool environments. However, a coat doesn’t hurt. Amazon has several great options for you to explore.

Get Your Aussie A Warm Bed to Cozy-Up In

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Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large/Medium Dogs w/ Removable Bolsters & Washable Cover, For Dogs…
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As the colder months seep in, you may want to get your Australian shepherd a thicker, warmer bed for your furry friend. Furhaven has a fantastic pet bed that your Aussie is sure to love. This bed and brand are well-known and have tens of thousands of reviews online.

Reminder: Australian Shepherds Should NOT Live Outside During The Winter

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Remember, Australian Shepherds should not live outside during winter. They are bred to work and live with people, not be isolated from us. During winter, the temperature can drop below freezing in some states. This can put your Aussie at risk for deadly health problems, like hypothermia. Don’t even risk it.


Winter can be such a fun and exciting time for your Australian Shepherd – but remember – it’s crucial that your Australian Shepherd doesn’t live outside during the winter– no matter how prepared you think they are. Make sure you provide a warm place for them inside your home and keep an eye on their temperature as well.

P.S. – Share any additional tips you think would be helpful for our Aussie-loving readers below! We’d love to hear from you!